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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greed update: Hope this helps

I just put up a Greed update that I hope will help with the problems people have been having with the "invalid token" error.

I have only been able to reproduce the problem once. Watching the logs, I noticed that the problem appeared when Greed was prevented from logging in, but I had already accounted for that situation several months ago. In my case, Greed did what it was supposed to do: That is, throw away its stored credentials and re-authenticate. After that, I didn't see the problem agian.

Judging by the e-mails I've been getting (and the new low ratings Greed is getting on the market), this isn't working for everyone.

So the update I just posted is a bit of a shot in the dark. It contains a workaround for the authentication. It should always login at startup using fresh credentials, which should prevent the problem I saw earlier today from happening.

Greed Troubles Update

This just in: I can reproduce the problem people have been seeing with Greed.

Well, to be more accurate, I was able to reproduce the issue once.

The problem appears to be related to login failures when trying to access Google Reader through the API. Google Reader returns some HTML describing the error, which Greed has trouble parsing. I have some logic in place for re-trying the login, which must not be working for some people. In my case, I was able to see it work.

I've been pretty busy at a new job, but I will look at this further and post an update as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who sent logs, and to Mariano Kamp for some good insights into the issue as well!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Greed Troubles

I've been getting a lot of reports lately about Greed having trouble loading feeds. The issue seems to be with XML parsing, with an error message making mention of "invalid token."

It seems to be happening pretty much everywhere, except on my own phone. Try as I might, I cannot reproduce this error. If I could, I would be able to post a fix, and would do so immediately.

So, I'd like to ask for help with this. If you are getting this error and are comfortable with hooking your phone up to your computer with the USB cable and running logcat on it, I'd like to see the log messages you're getting. I'm hoping it will help me diagnose the problem and get a fix out.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Quick PokeSite update

I just posted an update to PokeSite, to address a bug. When you create a site with a host name of something like "", the Site Edit screen would save it as "http://" Anyway, it doesn't do that anymore...