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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greed 2: Widget

Greed 2 now has a widget. I added it this weekend. There will be an update later this week which adds some configurability to it for things like update interval, etc. In the meantime, happy Father's Day.


  • At 10:11 PM , Blogger صابر إبراهيم said...

    I have tried the various Google Reader apps on Android, and I like yours the best; nice work!

    A widget is a great feature. I have two suggestions for improvement:

    -Make the widget full screen (i.e., 4X4) and display article headlines and excerpts in list form (like the News widget in HTC Sense)

    -Allow the user to select which feeds he/she would like displayed in the widget (Feedr's widget has this functionality, but it's 1X4 and only displays headlines)

    Keep up the great work!

  • At 8:23 AM , Blogger Anonymous said...

    For lack of a better medium, here's a bug report for Greed2: Reserved characters in HTML should be escaped. If you subscribe to, for instance, you'll notice the less-than and greater-than symbols in entries show up in Google Reader, but in Greed, they are interpreted as HTML tag delimiters (or perhaps stripped out). If they are not stripped out, I'm assuming this is also a security issue. Thanks for looking into it.


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