Get off my lawn.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hi there

Well, here it is. My very own chonologically ordered listing of random irrelevant articles (known to most as a "blog").

I was sensing some pressure to start a blog of my own. My buddy Dale Cooper has one, as does his friend Dan Dorazil. An acqaintance of Dan's, Darth Vader, has a blog which is interesting. Even Joel Nichols of KMBZ TV9 "fame" has a blog where he talks about the weather. (At least he claims to... I can't seem to find it anywhere to link to it. Guess he's not that famous.) Another buddy (perhaps unknown to the aforementioned bloggers), Craig Patterson, has a blog. It hearkens back to the progressive "concept" blogs of the early 70's, with burritos as a central theme. And finally, Jibbs's blog, featuring pix of his recent pilgramage to Las Vegas, makes for good reading.

I figured I needed to get one out before Butch Codotuss beat me to it, so here it is. Most of what I put on this blog will be informative and enlightening, provided you are really into knowing what I think about random things (and I know you are). So stay tuned!