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Friday, April 03, 2009

Neon Guitar

I think my first post on this blog was about my friend Randy down the street, who makes neon signs. Even before watching him make one, I've always wanted one of his signs. I think neon signs are cool anyway, and it would be even cooler to get a one that is one of a kind.

Problem is, I usually have a lot on my mind (or at least enough to fill the cramped space therein). So although something like "get a neon sign from Randy" is on my mental list of things to eventually do, the list in question is quite long, and printed in a small font (again, to save space). The cramped space, the small font, and the high level of noise and distractions elsewhere in my mind manifests itself as what psychologists refer to as "so forgetful, he would forget his own butt if it wasn't bolted to his body." I keep forgetting to do it.

There's also the issue of what kind of sign to get. Neon signs aren't cheap, so it would be stupid to just toss out some kind of idea like a Bud Light sign or something and then not like it. Neon signs are like tattoos. I've never gotten a tattoo, mostly because I can't think of anything worth committing to ink on my body. Kind of the same with neon.

Anyway, there was an auction at our church for the youth group or something, and Randy made the sign shown above for the auction. I mentioned thinking it was cool to my wife, who secretly bought it for my birthday.

It's perfect. I wouldn't have thought of a guitar, but I've been a guitar player since I was a little kid, so it's a good conceptual fit.

So, the sign: It's neon. I don't know too much about that, except that it's the glowing gas in the glass tube. Another thing I think is cool is the white base. I thought it was some kind of enclosure Randy got at a neon-sign-making supply house, but he made the thing out of PVC. He just cuts out the pieces, puts them in hot water, bends them into the right shape, glues them together, and out pops something that looks like it was designed by Steve Jobs.

Except that this is way cooler. It's a one-of-a-kind art piece hand-made by a friend.