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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Greed 2: Instapaper

The latest version of Greed adds a few features:

Where Was I?
A few people asked for the Where was I feature introduced in the last update to be automatic: Instead of starting at the main menu, just return to the last-read article. I can see how some people would want to do this, but I also realize others (me, for example) wouldn't necessarily want to all the time. So there is a new option to return to Where was I automatically, under the Article Reading section. So you can have it either way.

I also added Instapaper integration. If you haven't heard of it, Instapaper is a handy place to store links for later reading. I implemented this via the Share menu, so it's available to all applications on your phone. So, for example, you can select "Share Page" in the Browser, and the Instapaper option will be available there as well. Essentially anything that lets you share a URL via the Android "SEND" intent should be able to make use of this.

Note that Instapaper integration in Greed is send-only: Greed does not provide an interface for reading Instapaper articles. Of course, you could subscribe to your Instapaper RSS feed and read the articles that way, but that would be a bit redundant I would think.

Subscribe to RSS:
Another action available from external applications is "Subscribe to RSS". For example, in the Browser, select "Share Page" from the menu, and select the "Subscribe to RSS" item. Greed passes the site's URL to Google Reader, and it returns the stream ID of the new feed.

Unfortunate side effect: The "Subscribe to RSS" item appears on the chooser when "Share" is selected from within an RSS article, which is redundant.


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