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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hi there

Well, here it is. My very own chonologically ordered listing of random irrelevant articles (known to most as a "blog").

I was sensing some pressure to start a blog of my own. My buddy Dale Cooper has one, as does his friend Dan Dorazil. An acqaintance of Dan's, Darth Vader, has a blog which is interesting. Even Joel Nichols of KMBZ TV9 "fame" has a blog where he talks about the weather. (At least he claims to... I can't seem to find it anywhere to link to it. Guess he's not that famous.) Another buddy (perhaps unknown to the aforementioned bloggers), Craig Patterson, has a blog. It hearkens back to the progressive "concept" blogs of the early 70's, with burritos as a central theme. And finally, Jibbs's blog, featuring pix of his recent pilgramage to Las Vegas, makes for good reading.

I figured I needed to get one out before Butch Codotuss beat me to it, so here it is. Most of what I put on this blog will be informative and enlightening, provided you are really into knowing what I think about random things (and I know you are). So stay tuned!


  • At 10:35 PM , Blogger Dale Cooper said...

    Hey Gordon Cole... you need to fix your links for Dale Cooper's blog. He went and switched the URLs on ya!

    Where in the heck is Butch Codotuss and what does he have to do with Prunes?

  • At 9:12 PM , Blogger Heavy-D said...

    dude you rule. I never thought you would provide your thoughts to the world thru the Blog.


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