Get off my lawn.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Monday morning before last, I wrecked my car, an '01 Acura Integra. I was driving down a rural highway on my way to work like I do every morning, when an 80-year-old man crossed the road in front of me. He had no idea I was there, and I had no time to react. I hit him at about 45mph, and totaled my car.

The strange thing is, I was actually driving it to work just that one day that week. I had a meeting scheduled with a guy I was going to buy another car from, a Civic hatchback that I would use as a commuter car so I could keep the Integra in the garage and "save" it. I figured if it spent the majority of its time in the garage, it wouldn't get worn out, stolen, scratched, etc. I guess I took care of that problem...

I got several injuries out of the wreck. I broke my heel (surgery is coming up next week), bit through my tongue, cracked a rib, got stabbed in the knee by my ignition key, and got a mild concussion. But for some reason, I keep thinking of the loss of my car as the worst part of the whole thing. Maybe that will change after I've spent 3 months on crutches struggling to do simple things like carrying a cup of coffee while I walk. Who knows? 

Anyway, I had the car for 6 years, and drove it almost exactly 100,000 miles during that time. It had 45,684 miles on it when I got it, and it had 146,548 miles on it when it died. During that time, I took it on a few trips, drove it back and forth to work, washed it, serviced it, and had a lot of fun driving it. It was quick for a FWD 4cyl. car, sounded good, and never left me stranded. I got to where I enjoyed the Saturday or summer-evening ritual of pushing it out of the garage, opening the hood, looking around at things, and making sure everything was working properly.

It was just a piece of machinery, but I'm going to miss it.