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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greed 2: Blank Folder List

If you downloaded last night's update of Greed 2, you might have noticed that the folder list comes up blank. This is due to a change I made in the Feed list.

"Folders" in Google reader are actually labels applied to feeds. Greed populates its folder list based on the tags applied to Feeds. Because of last night's change, the Folder list may appear blank or empty.

To fix this, go to the Feed list in Greed, and hit "Refresh" from the options menu. Then open the Folder list, and hit "Refresh" there. The folders should appear at that point.

Also, I noticed that the "Share" menu item in the article viewer isn't displaying a list of clients. Oops! I'll get that fixed at the earliest opportunity.


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