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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Latest wisdom from Star-biz-ucks

Got a big cup of joe from Starbucks the other day, and almost forgot to log the wise saying on the cup (by the way, the crap slopped all over the side was from the barista-in-a-hurry at SBs, not me):

Let go your sorrow,
Let go your blues
Cause I know tomorrow
is yesterday's news

Let go your sadness,
give up the fight
follow your madness
and take flight... take flight

That was from Seal, the left-handed guitar playing guy with the thing on his face. (I'm talking about a nose, you insensitive clod.)

Here's what I think he's talking about, and I'm sad to say it doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense.

Cheer up, and don't be blue.
I have no clue about present vs. future vs. past tense.
Like I said, cheer up.
If someone threatens to fight you, run away like a girl.
If you feel like you're going nuts, flow with it.
Try to get a pilot's license.


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