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Monday, January 23, 2006

Without good food, you're hosed

Here's another bit of wisdom that appeared on a Starbuck's cup:

Desire, patience, dedication, hard work,
good food and a little luck
are all you need to succeed in life.

Good food? Yes, folks, that's right. Most of you are laboring
under the impression that hard work, dedication, patience, etc.
are the keys to success, all you need to accomplish something
good in life.

But you're wrong! Most miserable
failures are such specifically because they're leaving
out one of the magical ingredients in the recipe
for success: Good food.

My advice: Go ahead and work long hours, and be
patient, long-suffering, dedicated, and a bunch of
other noble-sounding adjectives. Oh, and keep eating that cheap
junk out of the candy machine.
Meanwhile, I will sit in my huge office,
occupying the position you covet, and enjoy a
nice bowl of pudding.


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