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Friday, January 27, 2006


Today's affirmation is about baking:

Baking may be regarded as a science,
but it's the chemistry between
the ingredients and the cook that
gives desserts life.
Baking is done out of love,
to share with family and friends,
to see them smile.

There are a few assumptions here that might not
always be true. For one thing, baking is not always
done out of love. Take, for example, the person
baking a file into a cake to break a friend out of
jail. Is love the motivation there? Maybe partly,
if your jailbird friend is a good friend as opposed
to a casual acquaintance. But the main motivation
for baking in this scenario is subterfuge, not love.

How about the guy at the bakery at Panera Bread?
Is he baking those asiago cheese bagels because
he loves me? Nope.

The real question here is, why is there some crap
about baking on the back of a starbucks cup? This
does me no good at all.


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