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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Check out my new Mac!

Ha ha, made you look.

My buddy Dale Cooper bought his wife an iMac for Christmas. He liked it so much he went and got himself one a couple of days later. In a previous post, I mentioned a trip to the Apple store to pick up my iPod, and the desirability of Apple computers. They're cool. I want one.

However, Macs don't grow on trees, and neither does money. So, I'm sticking with my trusty Linux machine(s) for now. But still, I like the looks of the Mac desktop. So, here's a pic of my Ubuntu machine running the "I wish I had a Mac" theme. It looks pretty good, even though it's not the real deal.

One thing I like about Linux is how it gives you the ability to screw around with it until you like it. You're not stuck with a specific look and feel, or for that matter, a GUI if you don't feel like using one. I've mentioned before that Windows is like a minivan (not a cool one, either), and MacOS is like a BMW. I've heard Linux described as a no-cost battle tank that gets 40mpg, runs 250 miles per hour, and can carry 20 passengers. Uuuuh, okay... I guess that makes sense. I think the point is, it's configurable.

Now all I need to do is oil the noisy hinges on the lid of this laptop, and it will operate like the lid on a powerbook.

Kind of pathetic, isn't it?


  • At 10:22 PM , Blogger Dale Cooper said...

    Gordon, you've always got the coolest destop UI no matter what OS you are running under it.


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