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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greed 1.1.11

I just rolled out an update to Greed, and here are the release notes:

Slightly spruced-up UI:

Nothing major, but I was getting kind of sick of looking at Greed's main screen. So now it looks a bit different.

Click-to-toggle: In the Feed and Article lists, the star, share, like, notify and cache attributes can be toggled on and off by clicking on the individual icons under the items' titles. If you're like me and your fingers are larger than 1/4" in diameter, you can still manage these attributes by long-pressing an item and using the context menu for it.

Like/unlike support:
Greed supports the "like this" feature found on the web-based version of Google Reader. The little square smiley icon indicates when you've marked an article as "liked".

Layout Changes: Some layout optimizations in some of the views should result in lower memory consumption. Also, I changed the way font sizes are specified so they will work on WVGA resolutions.

Zoom Controls: The article viewer now has zoom controls on it.

Donut-specific Force-close issue: The Donut-level Android API throws an exception if you update an adapter's contents in a background thread. Since I was under the impression that's how adapters are supposed to work, Greed was force-closing pretty regularly when opening the Feed list or Folder list. That should be fixed now.


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