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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Tale of 2 Bucks

I spotted this pair of buck heads mounted on a wooden fixture today at the State Fair. The Ranger sitting beside the display said that the two bucks were found with their antlers locked together. They apparently got tangled up while they were fighting. When they were found, one was dead from starvation, and the other was almost dead. The Ranger said the antlers were so tangled up, they couldn't be pulled apart without breaking one or both of them. Kind of a tragedy, really.

I'm no deer psychologist, but I'm guessing there were some regrets shortly after the impact shown above:

Buck A: Oops.
Buck B: Oh, nice job.

I'm sure animals communicate with each other in their own way, so I'm really curious as to what these two talked about in the hours and days following their little misunderstanding. I'm guessing they probably struggled for a while to get apart, then cooperated trying to get a drink out of a creek, then eventually became pretty good friends.


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