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Thursday, July 27, 2006

For want of a better name

I saw this big sign in Joplin on the way to pick my son up from camp in OK this morning.

The sign doesn't say "F46" or "FA6", it says "FAG". It was at the entrance to a factory complex, and the main building bore the same name.

FAG is a bearing manufacturer for the automotive industry.

I wonder what it's like to work there. There are probably some conversations that go like this: "Where do you work?" "FAG." "Whatever, jackass."

Microsoft employees are called "Microsofties". Google employees are called "googlers". What are FAG employees called? "Faglets"?

Does FAG hand out hats, t-shirts, etc. at trade shows? Is there a NASCAR team sponsored by FAG?

Is there a "FAG Employee Handbook" that talks about behaviour expected of a FAG employee? Is there a FAG dress code?

Go ahead and chuckle. You know you want to.


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