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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I run Ubuntu on my computers here at the compound. Ubuntu Edgy, to be specific. The other day, the installations I have here popped up their little orange icons to let me know there were updates available. When I clicked on them to open the update manager, there was a button at the top, and a notice: "A new version of Ubuntu is available", and a button I could click to upgrade to the latest version.

I normally don't trust Linux upgrades, but I was feeling reckless today, so I clicked it.

1.5 hours later, here I am running Feisty Fawn, the latest release, and it appears to have worked flawlessly. Plus, it seems a little smarter about the few things I've messed with so far. For example, if I unplug the ethernet cable from the back of my laptop, the networking system just switches to wireless by itself. If i plug it back in, it goes back to the wired connection.

If you ask me, this is how upgrades should work. Press a button, get the latest, no screwing around.

Yay Ubuntu!

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